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Yeah, but who the hell are THE FOCKE WOLVES?!

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"There are those who think that rock is dead, and those that know it isn't, but ultimately, if it ain't moving forward then you kick it the fuck outta the way!   That amigos, is The Focke Wolves Gospel, 

HIGH ENERGY, PUNK DAMAGED, ROCK N ROLL. Dig it or don't and cheers to ya either way!!!"

5-7-22 If you live in So Cal and you don't make it out to South Bay Customs in El Segundo for a're straight up missing the fuck out! Cool people, cool vibe etc.......hit this place up for events! First show I've played here and it kills......sez me! Cheers fuckers!

Bobby Ray Octane | M. McFaster | Scott R. | BB Gun Kelly |  Toni C.

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This was when our brutha Eli Miller first joined the band.......a minute or two ago.......I don't think he even knew the fuckin' song yet.......but we did the video anyway and headed on down the rock n' roll highway's been one hell of a pleasure to share stages, shitty fuckin' motel rooms (hand prints on the doors/walls, phones and lamps with no outlets to plug into, cops, tweekers, kids runnin' up and down the hallways at 3am.....etc....etc........) with this guy.........but all good things must do something (they never quite come to an end) he's headed to Olympia and his last gig with us will be at South Bay Customs in El Segundo on May 6th (doors at 6:30 we go on at 7:30}........along side the return of The Bourbon Saints and The Legendary come on down if you're in the L.A. area and say "Vaya con Diablos" to a true blue fuckin' rocker......give him a hug or a hand job.......your call............either way......let's get the fuck down! Cheers n' shit like that! - MMF


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