Yeah, but who the hell are THE FOCKE WOLVES?!


"There are those who think that rock is dead, and those that know it isn't, but ultimately, if it ain't moving forward then you kick it the fuck outta the way!   That amigos, is The Focke Wolves Gospel, 

HIGH ENERGY, PUNK DAMAGED, ROCK N ROLL. Dig it or don't and cheers to ya either way!!!"

Bobby Ray Octane | M. McFaster | Eli Miller | Sticks N Strings  |  Toni C.

8-19-19 : On the downhill side of life in short order.....but still lovin' every minute of it. Thank you Phoenix as always.....great rock n' roll scene.....great people and some damn good bands to be sure! Why couldn't geography not suck and SD and Phoenix be a tad closer! Love to all and respect to some! Last night was a blast and  personally love y'all for it! Ain't no shit!




8-10-19: Focke-Wolves: Next Saturday night at Chopper John's in Phoenix.......October 5th at Maui Sugar Mill  in Tarzana and Nov 2nd at San Sans Souci Cocktail Lounge in Ventura.......recording a brand new single in a few weeks and pushin' on with more shows fuckers........until then, guess I'll just follow the lyrics.....cheers n' shit like that! Love to all and respect to some!


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