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 Yeah, but who the hell are

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"There are those who think that rock is dead, and those that know it isn't.

But ultimately, if it ain't moving forward then you kick it the fuck outta the way!

Forming in 2011, this Southern California high-energy, Punk, damaged rock n' roll band has a line up that consists of Bobby Ray Octane (Vox), Mickey McFaster (Guitar), Ty Kidd (Guitar), Scott Reedy(Bass), and Toni C. (Drums). Over the years the members have collectively shared the stage with Danko Jones, The Damned, The Stray Cats, The Joneses, The Beat Farmers, Cadillac Tramps, Alien Ant Farm, The Blasters, Concrete Blonde, The Dwarves,Chris Isaak, Supersuckers, Link Wray, Bow Wow Wow, Rick Agnew, TSOL (Joe Woods era) among others....… But at the end of the day, to rest on nostalgia is lamentable. To charge forward with a no holds barred attitude is to be applauded. 

 In 2015, The Focke Wolves released their freshman scratch-track album, ‘Trust No One’ through Ned O’ Records. In 2017, they stepped again into the studio recording their second release (4 song EP El Blasto Maxxxo) with Producer Cameron Webb (last 6 Motorhead Records, Social Distortion, etc....)....McFaster claims, “This is finally the high-energy rock n’ roll band Ray and I set out to have since our Diablo 44 days and with the current line-up, shit is gonna go bang.”

That amigos, is  The Focke Wolves Gospel,   HIGH ENERGY, PUNK DAMAGED, ROCK N ROLL.  

Dig it or don't and cheers to ya either way ! ! ! "

Bobby Ray Octane | M. McFaster | Scott R. | Ty Kidd |  Toni C.

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What's NEW 2024!

BAD SOUL RECORDS is stoked to announce our release of: 
Produced by Motorhead producer -CAM WEBB
(Maplewood Studios, Santa Ana, CA)

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"The Focke Wolves out of Southern California will most definitely shake up all your BAD SOULS! These self described 'punk damaged rock n rollers', lay it out on the line with 5 fast moving, true to it's rock n roll roots tunes. A MUST for anyone who loves to roll down their windows, dialed it up to 11 and put the pedal to metal!" 
Get yours now@

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